Peter Giodani is a Slovenian photographer working in the field of creative, theatre and advertising photography. His internationally published work is characterised by an emotive pursuit of aesthetics. The stories he tells are minimalistically refined, guided by a constant pursuit of poetic moments of movement or, perhaps on the other hand, monumental stillness.

Giodani, B.Sc. in Sociology, obtained his informal education in photography through years of working with the photographer and director Jure Breceljnik. In 2008, they founded and implemented the international project "Children of Europe", in which hundreds of children from seven European countries, under their mentorship, expressed their thoughts through photography, culminating in a series of exhibitions.

Photography has been with Peter since his teenage years as a means of expression and mediator in social interactions. During his student years he started working on original projects and photographing Ljubljana's subculture club scene. In 2010, when he began working in the medium professionally, it was within the field of fashion photography. The creative openness in the medium, the pursuit of modernity and demands for an emotive aesthetic of communication were and are in harmony with the author's personal preferences and working style. In this period he was a member of the SQUAT association, collaborating with L'Officiel Hommes Italia, Modna Jana, Modna, Elle, Trendi, Grazia, Ambient, Finance Trendi, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana platform,and numerous fashion designers (including Ljubičić, Garevski, Peršuh, Sadar, Fajt, Draž, SENS, Movrin, Zorec, etc.) He maintained a longlasting collaboration with the American company MUD Europe, creating fashion and advertising photography in global hubs like NYC, LA, Milan, Berlin, London, and Vienna. Currently in conjuction with his other work, he continues his long- standing cooperation with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana, where he teaches fashion photography to design students.

His intense pursuit of subtle visual stories led him to theatre, where, in addition to stage photography, he is primarily interested in the editorial hybrid between classical theatre photography and conceptual photo stories that become a co-product of a particular production. In 2015-2018 he created poster images for the SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, since 2016 he has been in permanent engagement with the Ljubljana City Theatre, and since 2021 with the Slovenian National Theatre Drama Maribor as well. He has been collaborating with various cultural institutions such as Glej, SLG Celje, SiTi Teater, Cankarjev dom, Museum of Architecture and Design, MGLC, MOTA, ZAPS, FSK, etc.

Years of professional experience working in the advertising industry have further sharpened Giodani's skills. Production orientation of the field poses specific challenges for an artist and requires the development of technical aspects of photography, performance optimisation and directorial management. Practical experience in the field was invaluable for the multifaceted development of the author, who since 2014 has been intensifying his cooperation with the largest Slovenian advertising agencies.

Peter Giodani is the recipient of the award for significant artistic works in the field of photography, the highest artistic title of the University of Ljubljana / Academy of Fine Arts and Design, 2021.